Cape Town water crisis: this is the reality …

I am an ordinary Capetonian resident – who on the school run today (1st Feb 2018 – the new water restrictions of 50L per person kicks in today). I  decided to visit local spring at 6am “before it got busy”.   Too late, already there were queues and law enforcement was heavily present to keep order. The very real impact on residents is evident, especially the elderly who can not physically carry liters of water for several hundred meters. I asked them what they thought, this is their view.

What level 6B water restrictions means for Cape Town:

  1. Agricultural users must reduce consumption by 60%, compared to usage levels from 2015.
  2. Borehole water use is discouraged, as it takes away vital resources for groundwater reclamation projects.
  3. Cape Town’s daily water usage target has dropped to 450 million litres a day.
  4. Day zero is now ‘likely’ to happen, scheduled for 21 April 2018.
  5. Over 200 water collection points will be set up in the municipality in preparation for the taps being shut off. Residents will have to queue up to receive an allocation of 25 litres of water per person, per day.
  6. No filling up of any pools whatsoever. That includes portable (inflatable) ones.
  7. Washing cars with municipal drinking water is strictly forbidden. Greywater and collected rainwater are the only sources allowed.
  8. Heavy water consumers will face penalties. Households using more than 6,000 litres a month can expect to face punitive measures.
  9. The target of 50 litres per day, per person will be in effect for 150 days from February 01 onwards. This will be reassessed on 27 June 2018, when potential restrictions could be lifted.

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