Alfresco Salad in Minutes

Alfresco Salad in Minutes

Here is a great alfresco salad, entirely filling, ready in minutes.


For the Salad :
2 Eggs – boiled or poached and quartered
4 (medium) raw courgettes – use a potato peeler to cut into ribbons, soak in lemon, olive oil, sea salt
2 (medium) firm avocado pears – slice and sprinkle with fresh lemon juice
1 pack of firm green beans – lightly steamed so still very green and firm to touch (cooled), halved/cut tips
Lettuce (mixed) – rocket/spinach/iceberg/curly (whatever you have available) but slice it into strips
Handful of pecan nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, sliced almonds will also work)
Shaved mild cheese (Mozzarella/Gouda/White Cheddar) – I use a potato peeler to shave the cheese

For the dressing: Blend the following:
5-7 heaped tablespoons of double think yoghurt / Greek yoghurt
decent drizzle of olive oil
chopped fresh herbs – ideally mint/basil/dill/chives (choose two)
squeeze of lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste
garlic (optional)

Method : Layer your ingredients, starting with the lettuce and ending with the eggs and pecans on top.
Drizzle your light green herb, lemon and yoghurt dressing in between each layer.
What will make this delicious is making sure you have enough dressing to get it into the layers of salad – rather than all the flavour on the top of your salad only.

Enjoy a filling meal in minutes !

PS: To beef it up for bigger groups – perhaps serve with strips of smoked salmon/sea food , wedges of lemon and a crisp glass of white wine (or slivers of succulent steak, just off the fire)

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