About Girl-Unplugged

guHi there
I am a writer, blogger, renovator, innovator,  traveller, a single parent and I love to cook.   
While we cover a wide range of topics related to lifestyle and parenting, I'd like to dedicate part of this new blog specifically to the healing of those that have gone (or are going) through traumatic divorces, or separations.  This may be because you are divorcing a person with a personality disorder, substance or behavioural addictions and/or alcoholism.  
Divorce is a tough road, but for those negotiating the additional layer of spousal disorders, it is impossibly hard and lonely.  For the sake of our children and their privacy, we suffer in silence.  Since opening my heart, I have met many people who really need the  support and encouragement to heal. 
We do allow anonymous contributors to submit articles for publication, in order to maintain privacy and integrity.  Our writers are at times brutally honest, which is why this is "unplugged" - so if you like to read it like it is, hang around and welcome on board!  
We are looking for contributors to our sections such as travel, fashion, parenting, cooking and of course the "unplugged" section where you say it like it is. 
If  you have anything you want to share with me, or for me to share with everyone, please send an email to info@girl-unplugged.com
Thank you 
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